Croatia flyfishing! "River Kupa Lodge" is situated in Gorski Kotar, Croatia, in idillid small village called Turke in the miraculous "Butterfly Valley", where about 500 of different species of butterflies are registrated. In about 20 km of that region, human settlements and the activities of people are in accordance with untouched nature, forming wonderful and inviolable harmoy in one of the most beautiful spaces in Croatia.

"River Kupa Lodge" offers to you all year round rest in peacful mountain surrounding and untouched nature of the Kupa river. You can also combine your rest with departures and short excursions to the Adratic sea (50 km away). We are specialized for fly-fishing, and we can also offer MTB bicycles, canuus, offroad drives in nature and other subject matters and forms of recreation.

Come with friends or by yourself on fly-fishing, and you can take with you your family and get acquainted with the beauties of Gorski Kotar.

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Reservations must be made in advance by e-mail 15 days in advance and a deposit will be asked if you stay more than 3 days.

Dear guests; at the moment we are not accepting credit cards as payment method, cash only.

Pets are welcome!
Paying special fee per day!

Thank You in advance and best regards.

River Kupa lodge